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I'm excited to present our final Classics Concert of the season for you and your loved ones. What a wonderful year it's been, full of new music: for both the orchestra and our audiences. This next cycle will offer some refreshingly familiar music for you to breathe in. Our concerts on April 7th and 8th are entitled Dark Dreams, and will feature the music of Berlioz and Mussorgsky. Each of the pieces on this concert has a connection to something mystical, mythical, and metaphysical.

Berlioz's Hungarian March is from his larger work, The Damnationof Faust, which is modeled after an oratorio, but that was referred to by Berlioz as a "legende dramatique." Next, we have Mussorgsky's Night on the Bare Mountain which was originally titled "St. John's even on Bald Mountain". This short tone poem is meant to depict the legend of a witches sabbath that occurred on St. John's Eve - the same night that Mussorgsky finished the composition.

Our program will conclude with Berlioz's lavish, romantic, and personal journey of love, lust, and altered states. His Symphonie Fantastique was a ground-breaking undertaking in programmatic composition, that told the story of a love-lorn man who, after accepting unrequited love from his heart's desire, disappears into an opium-induced slumber and has dreams that tell a fantastic tale of romance, majesty, betrayal, murder, justice, and another witches sabbath.

I hope you are able to join us for our unworldly conclusion to our year of Classics Concerts. Also, please check back in for information regarding our June Pop's Concert, which will be a musical journey through many different European and American cultures and locations.



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